What it Was

Fiction Weekly was a short-lived but surprisingly successful literary journal. Stories that first appeared in these pages were included in Sundress Publications' Best of the Net and shortlisted by StorySouth. Writers who were first published in Fiction Weekly have gone on to bigger and better things. FW is done for now, but we hope you enjoy these archives.

Fracture II

Fracture by Bryan Walpert

Where is Thumbkin? Here I am. Where is Pinkie? We’ve just met. We sit on the couch with her parents and older sister between us. Very old-fashioned. We sneak into the patch of woods behind her parents’ house. They live in Connecticut. We all do, though I’m not from there. Read more →


The Horse Chrysalis by Carter Meland

Custer saw all his possible deaths converging. Every one of them coming his way. Arrows, volleys of bullets, warclubs. Indians swarming below the ridge. Cavalry sabres wrested from the already dead used on the soon to be… Read more →


Hiding Places by E.K. Cormier

She got there at a quarter to two, ordered coffee regular, and sat at the corner table with Anna Karenina in her hands and her eyes on the literature section. It was through the shelves of Salinger and Thoreau that people made their beeline from the doors of the bookstore to the coffee shop inside. Read more →


Jellyfish and Dragon Tattoos
  by Faith Gardner

Merlin collected jellyfish, but it was more than a hobby. Merlin had a passion for jellyfish, a clear obsession. He dreamed jellies at night. He planned his vacations around the best ocean spots to catch them and even risked imprisonment for smuggling a jelly back from South America Read more →